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Welcome Rethink Leaders!

Regardless of your ministry’s size and scope, there is almost always a gap between your resources and your God-inspired vision. That gap creates an ongoing sense of restlessness and uncertainty about the future. It doesn’t have to be that way!
Generis can help close that gap by helping you create a sustainable culture of generosity that can fund your vision for years to come. The Generis playbook is battle tested but not plug and play.
We take biblical principles, best practices and over 30 years of experience and weave them together into a plan that will align beautifully with your unique culture and DNA.

Multisite Reimagined

Almost every church went multisite in 2020, now what?
When the pandemic shut down everything in 2020 almost every church went online, becoming one church in multiple homes. People who had never attended church were now inviting your church into their homes; was that just a stopgap measure, or a major change in how we do church going forward? In this eBook we will peek behind the curtain at churches that are expanding on this new reality rather than simply getting back to “normal”, finding new ways to be one church in multiple locations.


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