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It's difficult to talk about money, particularly when you're starting a new church but also when you are leading a growing church with constant new believers coming in the doors. How do you have a bold, biblical perspective on money without scaring people away? How do you disciple people in this key area of faith when so many are in different places financially? This session will deal with some of the practical and biblical narratives of gospel-driven generosity and how we can better communicate this aspect of discipleship to our people and help them grow.

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NextGen Generosity Roundtable 
Wednesday, August 31 | 1:30 - 2:30 pm ET

There is a common misconception among pastors and church leaders that younger givers - Millennials and Gen Z - do not give. The reality is, these young givers are a generous generation and want to develop their giving. 

If you are struggling to inspire generosity among your young givers, this session is for you. During this round table discussion, we will dive into common misconceptions in the church, how to engage younger givers, and how you can truly connect with Millennials and Gen Z and take them deeper in their discipleship journey.

Hosted By:  Jim Sheppard, Jessica Bealer, Grant Skeldon


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