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Finish Well, Start Strong

As we enter the last quarter of 2022, it’s time to start thinking about ramping up your church’s year-end giving strategy. 

While there are a multitude of steps within a comprehensive strategy, we’re going to focus on two fundamental steps that can easily be integrated — a year-end giving strategy and annual giving statements that mail out in January. 

Implementing these two pieces are your initial next steps to building a giving plan that cultivates generosity in your church for decades to come. These two combined steps will create a fluid motion that not only allows you to finish well, but ensures your new year starts strong.

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Looking for additional Year-End Giving Resources?

We've compiled a whole toolbox to guide you on creating your best year-end giving yet! You can access our full suite of resources at www.generis.com/2022.

Generosity Tips from Jim Sheppard

Join Generis Principal, Jim Sheppard, as he dives into various essential tips and topics for creating a thriving culture of Generosity in your church. These videos combine insight from Jim's 30 years of experience + real, practical tips that you can begin to implement in your church today.






Generosity Workshop Series

GWS-Edited_Session 4 SQ

It's difficult to talk about money, particularly when you're starting a new church but also when you are leading a growing church with constant new believers coming in the doors. How do you have a bold, biblical perspective on money without scaring people away? How do you disciple people in this key area of faith when so many are in different places financially? This session will deal with some of the practical and biblical narratives of gospel-driven generosity and how we can better communicate this aspect of discipleship to our people and help them grow.

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Discovery Call

From ideation to implementation, a veteran Generosity Strategist will work with you and your team to create a tailored approach to your Year-End Giving Strategy that is based on your church's unique culture, needs, challenges, and generosity goals.

  • Planning + Guided Execution, Preparation
  • Provided Content and calendar
  • Giving Data review
  • Maximize year-end opportunities
  • Major gift strategy and coaching
  • Provide case studies
  • Tax advantages during year-end
  • Finish the year strong