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“How do we pay for this?” This question often stands between your current resources and what your ministry is trying to accomplish. If that sounds familiar, you're not alone. Our team hears that question all too often.

What if you could.....
have clarity around your current financial standing
know what opportunities for giver engagement exist
understand what you can do to begin moving the needle on generosity


Jim - Generosity Pulse Report

A Generosity Pulse Report can offer that
clarity and understanding.

Think of the Generosity Pulse Report as a snapshot of the health of your generosity culture. By assessing the long-term health of your church’s giving and providing a clear view of your current finances, the Generosity Pulse Report eliminates the guesswork and offers your team confidence and understanding of your financial reality.

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What Can You Expect?

Connect with a Generosity Strategist to learn how the Generosity Pulse Report works, what information is needed, and how it can help your church.

After receiving the necessary data, your Generosity Strategist will meet with you and your team to help interpret your giving data, review key findings from the report, and provide expert recommendations. 

You'll have the opportunity to ask your specific questions and together, develop a plan to begin moving the needle on generosity.

Schedule Your Complimentary Pulse Report

Jim 2021-07

"Church leaders don’t always know what to look at within their giving data and what you’re not looking at may be getting in the way of what you are trying to accomplish." 

Jim Sheppard, Generis Principal + CEO


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