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Is A Capital Campaign
In Your Future?

Has God put a burden on your heart for the expansion of His kingdom through your organization?

Time and again we’ve seen God use capital campaigns to accelerate growth, impact communities, and galvanize organizations in exciting ways. Is now the right time for your organization to step forward in faith and pursue the God-inspired dream on your heart?

No two campaigns are the same. Yet, there are important strategies and methods that have stood the test of time. Our experienced team of strategists wants to help you execute an effective and impactful capital campaign. That’s why we’re giving away this must-read ebook: “Is a Capital Campaign in Your Future?”

In this resource, you’ll find an explanation of the essential elements of a successful campaign, along with practical tips for accomplishing each step in the campaign journey.

  • An aligned mission
  • A unified board of directors
  • A detailed plan
  • A culture of gratitude
  • And many more elements that you can’t skip.
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"A campaign is the perfect setting to deepen a culture of gratitude among community members, staff, alumni, and financial partners."


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