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A designated giving day is an opportunity to engage those connected to your school or organization, invite them to participate in your mission, and celebrate what you've accomplished together. Whether you choose to join in the global movement of #GivingTuesday or have identified your own Giving Day, don't miss including a designated giving day as a staple in your Annual Fund program.

A Giving Day is designated giving day that is unique to your organization. Unlike #GivingTuesday which a universal day of giving and generosity, a Giving Day is  a chosen day that has meaning for your organization or a day that fits well with your development calendar. 


Giving Day: A Staple to Your Annual Fund Program

Are you planning a Giving Day for your Christian school or faith-based non-profit this year? Generis team members, Jennifer Perrow and Kim Jennings share step-by-step tactics for launching and executing your best ever Giving Day.



Giving Day: A Staple to Your Annual Fund Program

In this video, Senior Generosity Strategist Jennifer Perrow joins Jessup University’s Senior Director of Advancement, David Pineschi, for a great conversation about Giving Days and why they need to become a staple in your Annual Fund program.


3 Lies (and 2 Truths) About Giving Days

When planning a Giving Day for your organization, it can be easy to get tied up in ideas or strategies that just don’t work. We’ve distilled down a couple of falsehoods about what a Giving Day is ... and isn’t. Learn the truth about Giving Days from the start.



#GivingTuesday is know as a "global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world". This designated day of generosity creates an opportunity for everyone to take part in charitable giving. 

A communal celebration of generosity, Giving Tuesday is day that encourages people to support and champion causes they believe in by giving back. Our team has assembled this resource to help you maximize year-end giving in your Non-Profit or Christian Ministry. This resource provides an overview of #GivingTuesday, an outline of how to engage givers, and ideas to develop your unique plan.


There are many questions floating around regarding Year-End Giving and #GivingTuesday. "If we are doing a Year-End Giving push, can we still participate in #GivingTuesday?", "Does Year-End Giving replace #GivingTuesday?", "Should we even consider #GivingTuesday this year?" In this video Carla Maxwell Ray discusses the importance of #GivingTuesday and why your church or organization should not let this moment of generosity pass you by.



It takes a lot to create a campaign worth the energy and resources. Sometimes it is best to skip Giving Tuesday and focus on end-of-the-year campaigns. Instead of making the Giving Tuesday ask to your donors via an email and a few social media posts, organizations should look at the larger end of the year campaign and decide what will produce greater results.





Access resources outlining the key takeaways for faith-based organizations from this year's Giving USA Report below. 





At their best, Christian schools and organizations are always striving to make giving a team sport and a joy. Let’s consider some ways of thinking and doing that will be more Christ-like, which will contribute in amazing ways to the joy and possibilities of funding your mission.



Year-end giving is of critical importance for churches. Don't let this opportunity to connect with your givers creep up on you. Discover the seven steps you need to take to make your year-end giving campaigns a success.



 Our team at Total Advancement Solutions can help you determine whether a Giving Day is right for your organization, guide you in creating an event that will bring in new donors, or simply answer your giving day questions.
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