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Meet Rob Hopper

Rob Hopper is a Senior Generosity Strategist who has developed exceptional expertise from consulting in all 50 states, and 10 countries. His diversity of experience includes multicultural congregations, and those whose primary language is Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, and several others.

He pioneered remarkable results in vibrant, growing churches as well as those in the midst of challenge, who are revitalizing and emerging again. His successful consults have included churches of varying geographical settings. His experience includes churches of all sizes and style.

Rob navigates common and complex ministry challenges by taking timeless biblical principles, relevant best practices, and the unique ministry DNA of the church and creates a personalized and customized approach to generosity engagement that unifies, inspires, and focuses the church on their God-sized vision.

His consulting has resulted in nearly $1 billion being released by God’s people to help this world pay attention to the Good News of abundant freedom in Christ. With a bold goal to help them maximize their potential, Rob is passionate about empowering churches to do the things that maximize God’s transformative power in the world.

Rob has earned multiple degrees and is a certified strategic planner. He habitually has a book in hand, via Kindle, is speaking somewhere around the globe, or is engaged in creative consulting through Generis. When not on the road, Rob enjoys the beach, snowboarding, riding motorcycles, mixed martial arts, and anything that goes fast!

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