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Meet Laurel Hardgrove

Laurel is grateful every day to help churches unleash generosity! A results-oriented philanthropy professional, Laurel has over 20 years of experience in healthcare and non-profit philanthropy.

After studying theology and apologetics at Moody Bible Institute, Laurel studied business and public policy at Western University in Canada. Fascinated with all things financial, Laurel served clients at Merrill Lynch and Sun Life of Canada. Recruited to healthcare, Laurel had the opportunity to serve as chief development officer of Canada’s third largest teaching hospital, and she played a key role in their community-transforming $104 million campaign. During this time, there was opportunity for innovation – including leading an innovative legacy campaign that resulted in $4.95 million in planned gifts, which helped to establish “Leave A Legacy” initiatives across Canada.

After four large campaigns, Laurel joined the staff of her church and focused on funding a missions home, launching the Ministry of Giving, and creating a culture of generosity. Laurel loves coaching pastors toward becoming financial leaders, strategizing on legacy giving campaigns, and planning strategic events. This work is a calling that is much more about engaging hearts and encouraging spiritual growth than arranging transactions. Laurel is inspired to see generosity transform communities and build the kingdom of God!

Laurel and her husband, Ian, have five adult children. They primarily reside in the Twin Cities region of Minneapolis, Minnesota and live part-time in St. Petersburg, Florida. Laurel is actively involved in her church, serves as a mentor, and leads the Ministry of Giving.

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