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Meet Allen Walworth

A gifted and proven consultant with more than 23 years experience as a full-time generosity consultant, Allen Walworth brings the passion and calling of an ordained pastor, the training and discipline of a Biblical scholar, and the wisdom of a tenured church “coach” to his work with churches of all denominations.

Allen has partnered with over 200 churches, helping them raise over $500 million toward their ministry visions. Allen’s passion for stewardship is fueled by a pastor’s heart and a studied knowledge of scripture. Before becoming a generosity consultant, Allen was a senior pastor for 17 years, leading congregations ranging from a small town church of 1,000 members to a large metropolitan congregation of over 9,000 members. Allen earned a Ph.D. in New Testament studies, and has taught at the college and seminary levels.

Allen and his wife Connie live in Texas, where they enjoy golf, tennis, and their five grown children, and two grandchildren.


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