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Chris Stovall, CFRE
Senior Generosity Strategist 

Chris Stovall serves as both a church and advancement consultant on the Generis team. His client base is very diverse, serving churches of all sizes and denominations as well as Christian non-profits ranging from K-12 schools to several different types of para-church ministries on the advancement side. Chris has over 35 years of church leadership and non-profit experience.  He served as a Lead Pastor for many years, including planting a church that he led for 15 years. He also has served as Chairman of the Board and Board member for several Christian non-profit organizations. Prior to vocational ministry, Chris worked for several years in corporate banking. He has also led several small start-up companies, maximizing profits to position each for greater success.

Chris has been consulting and coaching churches and nonprofits for going on 20 years now. His extensive combination of both business and ministry experience gives him a unique perspective in his consulting. Chris is very adept at helping churches and non-profit organizations strategize vision, discover opportunities out of obstacles, develop compelling communication for objectives, and lay out a plan to accomplish their God-inspired dreams. Chris’ passion is to see individuals discipled and grow spiritually in the area of giving and therefore see the culture of generosity in those churches and non-profit organizations grow as well. 

In addition to his Certified Fund-Raising Executive (CFRE) certification, Chris has a BS in Business from Murray State University, a BA in Music from Western Kentucky University, and both an MA and MDiv from Luther Rice University. Chris married his college sweetheart Susy. Both of their two adult children are married, and they have two beautiful grandchildren whom they spoil extensively!

About Building God's Way

Building God's Way believes that everything from mission and vision to facilities and finances is part of the same strategic conversation. At Generis, we believe that your God-inspired vision is fully realized through the development of a culture of generosity.

Generis has been helping churches and ministries accelerate generosity towards God-inspired vision for over 30 years. We connect your unique vision to proven strategies that have helped fund more than six billion dollars in the faith community with a make-it-last mindset. What we accomplish together will outlive the length of any single campaign, project, or initiative.

If you simply want to raise the funds you need to complete your project, you have many choices. If you want to weave stewardship and generosity throughout the very fabric of your ministry, Generis is the partner you are looking for.


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2023 Fall BGW Event Dates


Let’s be honest; there are times when one-on-one guidance, encouragement and accountability brings out the best in us and accelerates our ability to chase down those big, audacious dreams. The Generis Coaching experience is designed to align with your greatest needs and is delivered over a period of time that makes the most sense for you.

The Generosity Pulse Report offers a snapshot of the health of your generosity and stewardship culture.

By assessing the long-term health of your church’s giving and providing a clear view of your current finances, the Generosity Pulse Report eliminates the guesswork and offers your team confidence and understanding of your financial reality.

What Can You Expect During a
Generosity Pulse Report:

Data Dive

After meeting your Generosity Strategist and a secure upload of your giving data, your Generosity Strategist will analyze your past giving data, review your current giving, and identify key trends.

Expert Recommendations

During a Discovery Session, your Generosity Strategist will review the findings in your data, provide expert recommendations, and go over your specific questions.

Gain Clarity

You'll have a clear picture of your church's current financial standing and understand that opportunities exist for greater giver engagements.

Accelerate Generosity

Now it's time to make a plan! Together with your Generosity Strategist, you and your team will develop a plan that fits your church's culture and context and helps you begin moving the needle on generosity.

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