Race, Religion, Philanthropy Webinar

A Conversation Navigating Race, Religion and Philanthropy 

This workshop is for nonprofit leaders recovering from the devastation effects of COVID 19 and wrestling with racial justice issues. The implications are both broad and deep, negatively impacting our world economy and devastating many families. COVID 19 unveiled health disparities revealing African Americans and Latinxs continue to suffer disproportionately at a much greater rate. Then George Floyd's murder revealed racial disparities that erupted into protests.  Navigating the complexities takes diverse perspectives coming together to pursue a common end. We will emerge as a different society. 
This bold sharing allows us to see, and hopefully understand, how we may take practical steps forward. 

Nona Jones

Special Guest: Nona Jones
Innovator, Author, Speaker
Nona Jones Ministries
Founder of Faith & Prejudice
Tech Executive

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Hosted By:
Carla Maxwell Ray, CFRE
Sr. Generosity Strategist
Total Advancement Solutions 


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About Faith & Prejudice 

Faith & Prejudice is a move of God. We exist to unite the Church across races and denominations to confront and dismantle systemic racism in America. While 30% of Americans identify as Republican and 31% of Americans identify as Democrat, 65% of Americans identify as Christian, more than both major political parties combined. We believe that change won't happen in the halls of Congress until it first happens in the heart of the Church.

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Our team of experienced guides specialize in helping Christian schools and Colleges, Seminaries, Faith-Based Non-Profit Organizations, and ministries rethink their current reality to make new things possible.  In doing so, we will connect vision uniquely to the proven strategies Generis has used to help raise billions of dollars for Kingdom causes. Our make-it-last mindset ensures that everything we accomplish together outlives the length of any one campaign, project, or initiative. And, with our Kingdom-focus and make-it-last mindset, we ensure that everything that we accomplish together outlives the length of any one campaign, project, or initiative.

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