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Onboarding Parents with Purpose: A Proven Plan for Increasing Generosity

Onboarding New Parents with Purpose: A Proven Plan for Increasing Generosity

Are you relying heavily on a handful of givers to make your Campaign or Annual Fund goal?

You may be reaching your goal, but at what cost to the fabric of your community and to the development of your future major givers?

A healthy Culture of Generosity helps you raise MORE, and do it SUSTAINABLY.

You know that. BUT HOW DO YOU GET THERE?

Instilling the DNA of generosity in your New Parents in their first year can change an entire school to the healthy Culture of Generosity that you need for long term success.

Changing a culture takes intentionality, strategic plans, and great execution.

Kim Jennings successfully did it when she was a fundraising director in Christian schools and now she teaches her clients how to do it, too.

Let Kim teach you how in a special, 4-WEEK ACCELERATED COHORT IN JANUARY 2024!

A Sound Investment

Get more than $10K worth of learning, materials, group coaching and 1:1 time with Kim Jennings for only $1,200.

Winter 2024 Cohort

Limited to 10 seats and closes October 31, 2023 (or until seats are filled)

4 week Accelerated Winter Cohort, January 2024 – NEW!! This cohort is an ACCELERATED Cohort – get nine weeks of content and coaching in half the time! 

Designed to help you maximize that small window between Christmas break and the mounting frenzy of spring events.

Schedule for group virtual coaching live with Kim Jennings (meets 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET):

  • Monday, January 8  – Introduction and Overview (Welcome, Module 1 - Part 1)
  • Thursday, January 11 – Parent Tenure and Framework (Module 1 - Part 2 & Module 2)
  • (Monday, January 15 is Martin Luther King Day; no meeting)
  • Thursday, January 18 – Mentor Parents and the Parent Leadership Council (Modules 3 & 4)
  • Monday, January 22 – Communication and New Parent Reception (Modules 5 & 6)
  • Thursday, January 25 – Creating your Plan (Module 7)

You also get:

  • One additional hour of personal coaching with Kim Jennings outside of the group coaching sessions
  • Access to each session’s recording for the 60 days after the session
KJ Mock Up

In the Winter Cohort for 2024, you’ll receive:

  • 5 hours of group coaching to implement in real-time all you’re learning plus an additional hour of personal one-on-one coaching with Kim Jennings
  • A guide for gaining administrative allies. Teach your administrative team a clear understanding of WHY this program is needed so you can gain allies and grow your Culture of Generosity more quickly
  • A complete framework for setting up your New Parent Onboarding program, including:
    • Messaging
    • Steps to recruiting and training key parents
    • Methods to grow relationships with high-capacity new parents more quickly
    • And more…
  • Access to your Winter 2024 Cohort member community where you can support one another and learn together and from one another
  • BONUS FOR THE WINTER COHORT - A customizable plan prepared especially for you to begin your program in January/February 2024 and be set up to fully launch for the 2024-25 school year

All of this for just $1,200

The earliest opening for another Cohort may be October 2024. Your chance to grab a seat CLOSES OCTOBER 31, 2023.

This course is for you if you:

  • Work in fundraising in a Christian K12 school
  • Enjoy networking with other Christian school professionals across the US
  • Thrive best when you’re working closely with a seasoned pro in the field
  • Need to increase your results but don’t have a ton of resources to do that
  • Want to work smarter, not harder
  • Feel like you could or should be raising more from your parent community but don’t know where to start
  • Need to improve in recruiting and utilizing volunteers to build community and raise money volunteers to build community and raise money

This course will teach you: 

  • What’s special about the first year and why you must capitalize on that tiny window
  • What you’re NOT doing right now and how that’s holding you back
  • How to communicate more effectively with this incredibly important constituency
  • How to magnify your development efforts through specifically-trained volunteers
  • How to grow community AND generosity all at once


This course provides everything a school needs to ensure the foundation of generosity is laid with new families. The bite-sized pieces Kim lays out takes a project that may seem daunting and makes it doable for any sized Advancement staff. We have the opportunity to strengthen our schools' cultures of generosity as we experience record growth, and this series gives us the tools we need to do it.

Dr. Katie Wiens
Executive Director of CESA (Council on Educational Standards and Accountability)

Meet Kim Jennings, CFRE

Advancement Strategist

Kim Jennings is a Certified Fund Raising Executive and full-time consultant specializing in K-12 Christian schools with nearly 20 years of development and communications experience. Before joining Generis in 2020, Kim served for five years in higher education and 11 years as a director and front-line fundraiser in faith-based schools.

Kim began creating the methods in this course in her first year as a Christian school Director of Development, when she inherited a $1M annual fund and immediately had to replace $500,000 in gifts, incurred by the loss of five families who had each been giving $100k to the Annual Fund every year.

Over the next ten years, Kim honed these methods and her approach, adding layers and creating more sophisticated methods of drawing parents into “the hug”. And those methods worked.

Using these principles and methods, Kim Jennings oversaw tremendous growth:

  • Increased parent giving by 33% in three years
  • Increased retention by 15%
  • Increased parent donor acquisition by 15%
  • Immediately, the number of new parents giving in their matriculation year doubled
  • Annually, more than 65% of new parents gave in their first year, and kept giving

As a consultant, Kim now helps Christian schools across the country to create Cultures of Generosity that build up parent communities and raise more money, and do it in ways that build up the staff and volunteers serving in the trenches.

Kim’s high-touch, resource-rich consulting style requires her to limit the number of schools she serves per year. Therefore, her courses make it possible for every school that desires big growth in their parent giving and development program to have access to her tried-and-true methods of success.

Interested in the Onboarding New Parents with Purpose course but perhaps the timing of the cohort course doesn't work for you?