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Multisite Reimagined phone+tablet


Multisite Reimagined

Almost every church went multisite in 2020, now what?
When the pandemic shut down everything in 2020 almost every church went online, becoming one church in multiple homes. People who had never attended church were now inviting your church into their homes; was that just a stopgap measure, or a major change in how we do church going forward? In this eBook we will peek behind the curtain at churches that are expanding on this new reality rather than simply getting back to “normal”, finding new ways to be one church in multiple locations.

We Will Explore

How to thrive in your current reality

  • How do you leverage what you’ve learned doing online church?
  • What are the implications for future staffing decisions?
  • How do you increase engagement in the current climate?

How to embrace new models of church

Several new models, or greatly modified models, are emerging in this new season. We look at best practices, and help you determine which of these models best fit your context:
  • Online
  • Onsite Venues
  • Mergers
  • Multi-brand
  • Microsite

How to get the help you need to move forward

If you were going to build an addition on your house, which of these describes your approach?
  • I love to build, I’d do it myself.
  • I like working with my hands. I’d watch videos, read books, and ask advice; then I’d do as much of the work as I could.
  • I don’t have a clue about building, I’d hire a contractor to do the work.
Adding new locations for your church is a lot like that, and we’ve provided tools for whatever level of help you need. 

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