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Calendars just don’t quit, do they? On your church calendar there’s always something big and important coming up.

The good news is, we’ve got you covered in this issue of GenerosityNOW!

Many of our Generosity Experts have joined in on this roundup of practical and timely content. Resources include a framework for the generosity conversation in a worship setting; the cryptocurrency workshop replay; upcoming sessions of the Generosity Workshop Series; the upcoming Advancement Workshop Series; Culture Conference 2021; and A conversation about Race, Religion and Philanthropy with Nona Jones and Carla Ray.

You’ll want to bookmark this page, and keep coming back throughout the coming weeks!



Understanding Gifts of Cryptocurrency

As Cryptocurrency continues to be normalized within our economy, church and organization leaders alike are beginning to ask questions about the implications on gifts and donations. In this workshop recording, Jeff and Dave cover the cryptocurrency basics, best practices, and some critical questions to help your church or organization prepare to receive and process this new format of generosity.

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You feel the tension or the unease. Giving is so-so, your church community is distracted or scattered, and your staff is running on empty after a long year.
Is now the time to think through a generosity initiative? Is it time to rally your church community around something bigger than themselves?

We’ve put together some tell-tale signs that it might be time for you to reengage your church around a generosity initiative.

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Frameworks help us break down a subject matter into meaningful conversational chunks for addressing values and vision with our teams.
In this month’s framework from Dave Travis, we breakdown the conversation around the question, “How much should I talk about generosity issues in a worship setting?”
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Your church doors are finally open, but your serving rosters are bare. What now? How do you reengage your volunteer base? How do you cast vision, keep everyone safe, and communicate the severity of your need without sounding desperate? 

Download this guide created by Ministry Strategist Jessica Bealer to help you begin rebuilding your volunteer base.Access Now!

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Generosity Pulse Report 

The Generosity Pulse Report offers a snapshot of your culture of generosity's health. By assessing the long-term health of your church’s giving and providing clarity of your current finances, the Generosity Pulse Report eliminates the guess work and offers your team confidence and understanding of your financial reality.

Schedule your FREE Generosity Pulse Report and begin developing a healthy culture of stewardship and generosity today!

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Our Generosity Workshop Series will equip you with practical, tactical insights that you can immediately implement in order to move the needle forward on generosity in your church.

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Culture Conference is a free digital conference that provides practical talks from today’s top leaders to help ministry leaders build thriving teams, cultivate inspiring workplaces, and transform their communities with the love of Jesus.

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Now more than ever, it’s important that we fully examine our beliefs around race, religion and philanthropy. That’s why this conversation between Nona Jones and Carla Ray is a must-watch!

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Is your church connected with a school or non-profit organization? If so, you'll want to share this series with them! Our Total Advancement Solutions team has created a free workshop series designed to help you accelerate generosity in Christian schools and faith-based organization.Register Now!


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Creating a culture of generosity requires a commitment to discipleship, transformation, and mission advancement at all times. However, there are unique opportunities for more intentionality in the last 3 months of every year. The team at Generis is working on a resource that will guide church leaders through the last quarter as they engage with their congregation, inspire generosity, and look to 2022 with anticipation.

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May / June 2021

This edition was jam-packed with resources and tools created by a few of our veteran generosity and ministry experts. We designed this especially for you—to help you stay engaged with your givers, rebuild your volunteer roster, think through what to do with your online campus, and more. You will find videos, quick guides, downloadable templates, and resource bundles—so  much great content to help accelerate greater generosity in your church. 

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March / April 2021

As we round the one-year anniversary of navigating the pandemic, the Church across America is still unsure of what services will look like for the remainder of this year. Through August 2021, our team predicts a season of irregular operations, growing toward more dependable scheduling and meeting in the fall.

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January / February 2021

Moving into 2021, we saw this as a time to build on the stability of 2020 and begin to anchor your givers, especially your core givers, for the season ahead. Our team shared a great resource for the annual giving statement, including easy to use templates for various types of thank you letters you might use in your annual giving statement process.

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Generis Generosity Now Jan/Feb Edition



Complimentary Strategy Session
Have questions? Need some insight and guidance? 

Resource, templates, videos are great tools to start the momentum needed for impact, but ideas without a plan often fall flat. 
Schedule a free strategy session with a Generis team member. Our team can help take your ideas into an action plan that will propel  your church towards greater generosity and maximize your ministry impact!