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Accelerate Generosity Towards God Inspired Vision 

Regardless of your ministry’s size and scope, there is almost always a gap between your resources and your God-inspired vision. That gap creates an ongoing sense of restlessness and uncertainty about the future. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Generis can help close that gap by helping you create a sustainable culture of generosity that is biblically rooted, discipleship driven and can fund your vision for years to come.

The Generis playbook is battle tested but not plug and play. We take biblical principles, best practices and over 30 years of experience and weave them together into a plan that will align beautifully with your unique culture and DNA.Get Started with Generis

Resources Designed To Accelerate Generosity In Your Church 

A culture of generosity doesn't just happen in a church, it must be intentionally built. This eBook gives you a step-by-step plan to cultivate a culture of generosity in your church.

You'll learn why your church needs a culture of generosity, three things you can do to begin building that culture, and what to avoid from hindering the culture of generosity you are striving for. 


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You don't have to be a sociology expert to know that 10 to 15 years is a small blip in time. That's no time at all. But that's how long it's taken for us to see a significant shift in church attendance. People are attending church less frequently than they did 10 or 15 years ago, or right around the turn of the century. The research says that faithful churchgoers who did attend three or four times per month back then now attend less than two times per month. This resource will help your ministry discover ways to engage a less engaged churchgoer.

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The church has a unique moment, 52 times per year, to engage with their givers in a real and meaningful way. What is that moment The 90 seconds during the typical offering. However, churches rarely handle this moment well. In many churches, the offering is treated almost as an afterthought. It’s clear not much planning or time has gone into this opportunity. Instead of using this time in a manner that would excite and engage their givers, they allow tradition, routine, fear of the money conversation, and other baggage dictate how these 90 seconds are handled.

What if you could use this moment this precious 90 seconds to stir the hearts of your givers and galvanize a life of generosity We create this resource for that very reason!

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Fund The Vision Resource Bundle 

Building a culture of generosity is not about short-term tactics that create a brief burst of giving.  It requires patience, persistence and a focus on discipleship. The Fund The Vision resource bundle will help you take the first step in shifting to a long-term approach and walk you through the implementation of six key principles that will help you weather this storm and thrive when it passes.

The Fund The Vision Resource Bundle Includes: eBook Downloads • Video Teaching featuring Jim Sheppard + Dave Travis • Tools & Templates

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Our team of Generosity Strategist are passionate about partnering with church leaders to help them move past the “How do we pay for this?” question
and into developing a thriving culture of generosity that is biblically rooted, discipleship driven and funds their God-Sized vision. 

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