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Generosity Tips from Generis

Pastoring and Discipling People With High-Capacity

Pastoring and discipling the givers in your church with high financial capacity can be challenging. Unfortunately, the opportunity to pastor and disciple them is often missed because we either assume they are doing well due to their financial success or we fear perceived favoritism. The reality is, high-capacity givers tend to be neglected more than favorited. In this video, Jim shares how to engage with, pastor, and disciple those high-capacity givers in your church.

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HubSpot Video

"Who Is In My Church?"

Do you find yourself thinking or even saying, “I don’t know who is in my church”? Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused a significant shift in church attendance and made it challenging to gauge engagement. However, you do know who is with you; you just need to know where to look. In this video, Jim shares some insight and wisdom to help you understand who is "with you" and encourage you as you move forward.

Measure What Matters

Your giving data is rich with critical information - not just cash flow - but indicators of growth, at-risk givers, potential pastoral care opportunities, and more. So as we emerge out of the pandemic, what metrics should you be looking for, and what action can you take? Listen in and get under the hood of your giving data.

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Biblical Generosity 

What is biblical generosity? We see these words often, but what does it mean? Watch this snapshot of biblical generosity where Jim shares the difference between giving from and giving to and what this means for developing your givers. 

Developing Young Givers

There is a common misconception among church leaders that younger givers - Millennials and Gen Z - are not generous givers. If you are struggling inspiring generosity among your young givers, watch this session. 

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The Importance of Recognizing First-Time Givers

A first-time gift is an important step in a person's faith journey. More often than not, church leaders miss this opportunity for pastoral care and celebration. This incredible moment is not a business transaction reserved for the church business team but an indicator of a person growing deeper in their faith and spiritual life at your church. What you celebrate - you accelerate. Don't miss the moment. 

Why is the Church so bad at expressing gratitude?

Establishing a gratitude culture in your church goes hand-in-hand with creating a generosity culture—we would go so far as to say you can’t have a thriving generosity culture without gratitude. Unfortunately, the Church tends to struggle with saying "thank you" to their givers. Throughout the year, and during a giver's journey, there are many opportunities to express thanks. Watch now and don't miss the opportunity to express gratitude. 

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HubSpot Video

Why is your offering moment
not working?

The offering moment is your weekly opportunity to teach the biblical understanding of generosity and stewardship. However, for many churches this moment often is left on autopilot and tends to fall flat on Sunday morning. How can your church engage in this weekly opportunity to accelerate generosity? Watch now. 

About Generis 

Regardless of your ministry’s size and scope, there is almost always a gap between your resources and your God-inspired vision. Generis exists to help close that gap by partnering with leaders to develop a thriving culture of generosity in their church—a culture that is discipleship driven, biblically rooted, inspires mission impact, and funds your God-inspired vision for years to come.  By taking biblical principles, best practices, and 30 years of experience plus your church’s unique culture and DNA, we build a plan that will begin accelerating generosity in your church.

Generosity Pulse Report 

The Generosity Pulse Report is a FREE snapshot of the health of your generosity culture.
By assessing the long-term health of your church’s giving and providing a clear view of your current finances, the Generosity Pulse Report eliminates the guesswork and offers your team confidence and understanding of your financial reality.

What Can You Expect During a
Generosity Pulse Report:

  • Data Dive

    After meeting your Generosity Strategist and a secure upload of your giving data, your Generosity Strategist will analyze your past giving data, review your current giving, and identify key trends.

  • Expert Recommendations

    During a Discovery Session, your Generosity Strategist will review the findings in your data, provide expert recommendations, and go over your specific questions.

  • Gain Clarity

    You'll have a clear picture of your church's current financial standing and understand that opportunities exist for greater giver engagement. 

  • Accelerate Generosity 

    Now it's time to make a plan! Together with your Generosity Strategist, you and your team will develop a plan that fits your church's culture and context and helps you begin moving the needle on generosity.


Our goal is to help you move past the, "How do we pay for this?" conversation.