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Thriving beyond tomorrow is about more than just re-opening today!

Re-opening the church matters...a lot!  What matters more is how you will reframe your unique expression
of church in an ever-changing reality for months to come.  




Protect Your Budget | Grow Generosity | Accelerate Impact
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world as we know it. With many churches looking at an uncertain future with an uncertain budget, this resource will lay out the steps you need to take to help your church navigate 2020 and beyond.
What We'll Cover
  • Learn principles that will help you get people connected.
  • Gain tools to help valuate expenses and cultivate generosity during lean economic times.
  • Discover how to refine your communication surrounding generosity in the online world.
  • Remember to trust in God and that He is in control.


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A Framework for Ministry on the Other Side of Crisis

Our normal has been disrupted, but ministry and mission are not on hold.

Download The Resource 
 In this ebook, you will learn how to create a strategy for changing circumstances and generate forward momentum for the future.  

You'll Learn How To 
  • Find Your Focus and Prioritize for Impact
  • Fortify Your Finances 
  • Flex Your Staff to the Season, Financial Situation, and Format of Your Mission. 
  • Form A Plan For The Next Season 



Find A New Framework

NEW: Forward Focus Framework Coaching

The Forward Focus Framework Coaching  process combines ministry strategy with everyday generosity coaching to help your team define plans for multiple scenarios you will face in the next year. This flexible framework walks alongside you multiple times a month to refine your action plan, give your next steps, written and verbal scripts and relevant tools to help undergird your team’s leadership and results in the coming months.

We'll help you integrate ministry, staff and generosity
generate forward momentum for the future. 



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Level Up Podcast | Season 2

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In this season of the Generis Level Up Podcast, we do a deep dive into all things BEYOND - helping leaders develop a “Forward Focused” strategy that will position us to be increasingly proactive and effective in our thinking, planning, and execution of ministry for a better tomorrow, starting today. 


Reopening Church: 5 Strategic Tips To Communicate Properly

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This guide includes a strategy sheet and sample survey designed to:
• Help Focus Your Leadership
• Listen To Your Congregation
• Create Solutions That Align With Your Church Identity  

What's Next: COVID-19 Edition

A collection of resources from Dave Travis with contributions from the Generis Generosity Team and the Effective Ministry Team designed to help your church thrive beyond the crisis. 



NEW Course: Fund The Vision

Building a culture of generosity is not about short-term tactics that
create a brief burst of giving. It requires patience, persistence and
a focus on discipleship. 

If your church has not invested in creating a culture of generosity before the the current crisis, you are feeling the affects in a big way right now. Now is the time to pivot our thinking and our strategies, especially with stewardship and generosity.

The Fund The Vision course will help you take the first step in shifting to a long-term approach and walk you through the implementation of 6 key principles that will help you weather this storm and thrive when it passes.

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crisis response

Featured Talk

Crisis Opportunities: Reset Refresh Relaunch
Dave Travis, Strategic Counsel to Pastors & Church Boards

Watch Now





2020 MS Frank Blake Social_0923b_
Webinar Date: Tuesday, October 6  - 2:30 EST

Digital Transformation

Home Depot Former CEO Frank Blake speaks on Digital Transformation
In our recently released ebook, Gutenberg, Amazon, and the Evolution of the Modern Church, we provided case studies on how retail giants such as Home Depot, Target, WalMart, and Macy’s made a transition to the digital platform and how it actually increased in-store engagement.

In our time with him on the 6th, Frank will help us understand:
  • How Home Depot made the shift to the digital platform
  • How the digital platform can be used to drive in-person engagement
  • What the church can learn from his experience as we navigate the question of how the digital platform will impact our Sunday mornings

We welcome you to invite your team to be a part of this conversation, and we will open up the last 15 minutes with Mr. Blake to field questions from the audience. Plan for about 75 minutes on your calendar - just in case the Q&A goes a little bit longer than normal.

Register Now
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Tuesday, October 27 at 1:00-2:00pm EDT

Webinar: Stabilize…From the Perspective of a Lender

Let’s be honest…when it comes to the institutions that lend us money, it’s not always easy to understand how they think and what they are looking for. That’s why the process of obtaining financing for church facilities, growth and mission advancement can be daunting and mysterious at times. If this is striking a chord for you right now, please join Steve Caton for a candid conversation with Chris Lewis of Thrivent Financial on October 27th at 1pm ET. 
Chris and Steve will be unpacking their thoughts on Stabilize, a popular eBook Generis released in July which focused on helping church leaders create a healthy financial foundation that will weather any storm…or pandemic! As you might imagine, someone who lends capital to churches has some pretty compelling insight on such content. We are pretty confident you don’t want to miss out on that! 
Here’s just a sample of what we will discuss:
  • Ministries have widely operated without utilizing real estate through this pandemic. What does this mean for church real estate post COVID?
  • Is it appropriate for ministries to build cash balances in this season?
  • How has COVID exposed surprising Balance Sheet weaknesses?
  • How can churches position themselves for new Commercial Real Estate realities? 
  • Is there a new set of rules for generosity initiatives and lending guidelines?
These may not be “inspiring” questions but you sure don’t want to play the guessing game with the answers….not if financial health is important to you and your church. 
So, sign up today and join us on October 27th. Can’t wait to see you!




Jim Sheppard, Generis Principal + CEO 




Erin English, Family Ministry Team 
Alan Wildes, Vice President


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When navigating uncertainty it’s often confusing to know what actions to take and when. Sometimes we need a lifeline, an opportunity to "phone-a-friend" and talk through a challenge or opportunity.
At Generis, we understand the need for outside perspective backed by insight, experience, and the comfort of not feeling alone in your situation.
Let us be YOUR lifeline today!