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For many churches, a focal point of their year is their Annual Stewardship Campaign. It's a time when people of the church are given the invitation to pray about their giving and commit for the next 12 months. However, many pastors and leaders struggle with developing creative and inspiring approaches to the campaign every year.

Research shows that people who make a commitment are more likely to fulfill those commitments than those who do not make a commitment to give. An Annual Stewardship Campaign, when presented effectively, has the potential to renew each person’s commitment to God through giving. The church community is challenged to grow in giving as a response to God’s blessings in their lives. 

Having an intentional conversation about generosity is always a good idea for every church. It is essential to our spiritual health and relationship with God to pray about and reflect on our financial giving to the advancement of His kingdom.
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The most ideal time to conduct a stewardship campaign is either during the fall season or in January. Both of these are quintessential times to cast vision for the new year. In addition, these are great opportunities to challenge each person within your congregation to enter into a partnership with their church and each other as they work together to achieve their church’s God-inspired vision.

An Annual Stewardship Campaign can also be an incredible means of renewal, unity, and even onboarding for your church. It can be an opportunity for some people to renew their giving to your church, for others it's an opportunity to start giving for the first time, and together, it's an opportunity to really see how giving corporately brings everyone in the church together.

  • An assessment of your church's current culture of generosity and stewardship.
  • Campaign strategy that addresses the unique needs of your church. 
  • One-on-one support from your Generosity Strategist through the conclusion of your campaign, and beyond. Our partnership with you extends beyond the end of a campaign.
  • Communication strategy created to reach your givers where they currently are and challenge them in the area of generosity that is appropriate to their giving journey. 
  • Guided support in implementing strategies for a successful Annual Stewardship Campaign that includes project management, content development, messaging, timeline generation, and coaching senior leaders around generosity best practices.
  • Campaign Graphics Package: Logos, Campaign Brochure Template, Generosity Toolbox, Generosity Journey Booklet, Prayer Prompt, and Commitment Card.
  • Communication Graphics Package: Customized Graphics/Visuals for In-Person and Virtual Worship, Email, Website, and Social Media graphics. Also includes a Social Media Map to include graphics.
  • Video Package: Series Teaser Trailer and Full Trailer 
  • Teaching Package: Sermon Series and Discipleship Studies 

Annual Stewardship Campaigns from Generis

At Generis, we've developed a collection of several different life-giving and inspiring campaigns that you can use with your church regardless of whether a budget campaign is something you do every year or something you’ve never done in your church’s history. When deciding which approach would serve your congregation well, it’s best to consider where they are and where you want to lead them in the season ahead.

Will You Grow Campaign Approach
Traditionally, the church has tip-toed around the issue of money and stewardship, not wanting to alienate church members by “always talking about money.” Yet, Jesus spoke very openly about the issues of money and possessions. Approximately two-thirds of the parables and about one of every ten verses in the four Gospels address the issue of money and possessions. If Jesus was not reluctant to talk about money and possessions, neither should we be reluctant. However, we do need to be sure that we are speaking biblically when we address money, stewardship, and ultimately, generosity.
There is a temptation for churches to approach their financial needs as a fundraising effort rather than a journey of generosity. The fundraising perspective places more emphasis on the need to fund a budget — in other words, success is measured in pure dollars. The generosity perspective places more emphasis on the spiritual nature of the effort. 

The generosity approach becomes more about the need for the giver to give rather than the need of the church to receive. God owns it all and does not need our money — but we need to give in order to be fulfilled. It is an act of grace on God’s part that He even allows us to participate financially in His work.
Generis’ “Will You Grow?” campaign is based on the philosophy that faith is more important than finances, and the quality of the gift is more important than the quantity.
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Be Renewed Campaign Approach
Living a generous life and giving generously are directly tied to the health of a person's relationship with God. Factors like a global pandemic, family dynamics, economic difficulties, medical conditions, job circumstances, and a person’s home church culture can draw us nearer to God and yet sometimes cause us to ask the question: “Where are you God?” It is very difficult to give generously when you feel God is distant.
When we are in a season of feeling God is distant or even worse, feeling lukewarm toward God, there must be renewal. This renewal takes place in our hearts and draws us back toward Him.
Be Renewed is designed to be a journey to allow each person, leader, pastor, and staff member to look toward the next season of ministry with a renewed God-inspired vision. This Stewardship Campaign will equip each church with the best chance to fully fund their God-inspired vision in 2022 and beyond. 
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Enter In is an invitation. Inviting someone to give is a transformational appeal versus a transactional appeal. Inviting someone to give is inviting them to Enter In “…to the joy of your Lord.”

The recovery from our recent global pandemic has spun itself in several different directions. Culture has shifted in ways that we could have never imagined in March of 2020. The fall of 2021 will mark a new season for most churches in our country. Churches will continue to see more and more people gathering for worship as we continue to get further removed from the negative effects of COVID-19. There will be an even greater sense of optimism in the country and in our churches. 

 In the Parable of the Three Servants, ‘Enter In’ was an opportunity given to each of these servants. In this parable the landowner puts three of his servants in charge of his wealth by giving them each a portion to work with.  We know what each did with the money entrusted to them. Two of the servants invested the money and the landowner was very pleased.  So pleased with the first two that he gave each of them the same reward and affirmed them by saying, “Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your Lord.

In this parable, Jesus is the landowner and we are the servants with resources He has put in our hands. We have the opportunity to be faithful with these resources and if we choose to do so our reward will be to enter into the joy of our Lord.

Enter In…is an invitation for each person in your church to choose whether they will embrace the opportunity to be a faithful servant.

Enter In…is an invitation for the church to catch a vision of what more can be accomplished if a group of faithful servants unite themselves.

Enter In…is also an invitation for leaders and staff to grow in their giving and generosity which allows them to lead with authenticity.


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If you are having trouble identifying which campaign could serve your church better, together we can create a unique option that is designed to meet your church’s needs. Your Generosity Strategist will meet with you and your team to develop the Stewardship Campaign that your congregation will identify with and lean into, and with that they will be inspired to greater generosity. 

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