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Now Available!
It’s time to level up your year-end giving strategy. But how?
We want to help you have the best year-end ever. We’ve laid out the steps for your best year-end giving strategy yet—in a way that's simple and do-able.  
In this resource, you'll get:
  • A baseline assessment
  • Steps to greater engagement
  • Tips for creating intentional giving moments
  • Ideas for weekend communication
  • And much more! 
This resource could change everything for your church going into 2022. Download it now, and take your year-end giving strategy to the next level.
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As we reach the second half of the year, watch Jim Sheppard, Julie Bullock, and Dave Lopez discuss the current state of giving and generosity in the Church. Together, they look  back at the implications from the past year and what they mean for your next year of ministry.   

In this workshop, you will . . .
  • Understand critical insights that will lay the foundation for a strong year-end. 
  • Learn practical steps you can take now.
  • Hear perspectives on how to think about the year ahead.
  • Get our best thinking on what giving might look like in the post-Covid Church.

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Generosity Pulse Report

The Generosity Pulse Report offers a snapshot of your culture's health as it pertains to generosity. We do this by assessing the long-term health of your church’s giving and providing clarity on your current finances, eliminating the guesswork, and offering your team confidence and understanding of your financial reality. 

Knowing where you currently are will help your team set up clear and attainable goals for year-end giving objectives.



Year-End Giving Collective

Group coaching experience with like-minded leaders designed to guide you through your year-end giving strategy. Each session is led by an experienced Generosity Strategist over Zoom.

Year-End Giving Coaching 

Individual coaching support provided by a seasoned Generosity Strategist. Regular meetings provide dedicated support to you and your team as you develop and execute your year-end giving strategy. This solution can be offered over Zoom, on-site, or a hybrid option.

Year-End Giving Strategy

The year-end giving strategy is a full-service solution. From ideation to implementation, a veteran Generosity Strategist will work with you and your team to create a tailored approach to your Year-End Giving strategy that is designed based on your church's unique culture, needs, challenges, and generosity goals.

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An 11-month letter and giving statement is an opportunity to communicate well in advance so people can make plans in early December for their year-end gift. This communication can begin the conversation and encourage people in your church to think differently about how they might finish 2021 strongly.

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The offering moment is your weekly opportunity to engage and inspire your givers. For the remainder of the year, we recommend developing intentional offertory moments that will challenge your givers as they walk with you in these last few weeks. Download this Intentional Giving Moments bundle for an outline of weekly giving moments for you to use. 

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Connect with the Generis Team to schedule a FREE discovery call.

A discovery call is a great opportunity to discuss your questions, learn more about the year-end giving solutions offered by Generis, or anything else that will help your church have it's Best Year-End Giving Ever!